2 Year old’s update

We have a lovely bunch of 2 year old’s for the year ahead. Below are some recent videos and updates on some of the team. Click on the links below for the full profile & breeding pages.

Equiano x Freckles – Amy Murphy

Check out the latest video of the Equiano filly from Amy this week. She visited Warren Hill for the first time and is thriving in her work. She’s a forward , strong filly and we’re looking forward to the Spring and hopefully a few trips to France to see her work or race. She is cantering upsides now and goes well. She’s also GBB bonus registered so we have a few options with her. Shares start at £1000 per 2.5%

Link to Profile: http://www.ontoawinner.net/syndicate/equiano-filly

Land Force x Slieve Mist – Marco Botti

He is a very popular horse in Marco’s yard. He has been entered in the October Yearling Stakes, an early closing race and a valuable sales race for horse that went through the October sales. Shares start at £1000 per 2.5%

Link to Profile: http://www.ontoawinner.net/syndicate/land-force-colt

Ribchester x Sleeptalker – Michael Dods

She’s on the walker and is growing and filling out. She’s a smart mover with a fantastic page. This is a very well put together racy filly. She is from a great family of black type horses. She will have good residual value as a mare when she has finished her racing career. Shares start at £900 per 2.5%

Link to Profile: http://www.ontoawinner.net/syndicate/ribchester-filly

2 Year Olds