11th July

Bilko Pak will run on Wednesday at Catterick in the right type of company for him. The track won’t be a problem, but we’ll keep an eye on the ground before owners are advised on how we feel he will run. He came up against an improving horse last time in Fast Shot, and was always on his head trying to close on the eventual winner and David O’Meara’s horse. He’s very consistent and another brave run is assured.

Boss’s Destination has several entries now. Alan’s horses appear to be bouncing back so thats an encouraging sight, and with us offering lease shares now too,  your ears need to be pricking up (if you catch my drift)! Alan’s got a great yard and this would be a good yard for owners to get involved with. We’ve been very impressed with Alan to date. We’re up there this saturday morning about 10.30am to see the Ad Velorem 2-y-0 if anyone wants to go and see him. He’ll be named soon and this could be a nice type. Simon is running a naming competition through the site, so join in the fun by sending a name! There have been some great ideas so far, better than anything we could come up with!

Tim will look for races again soon for Fast Shot. If you’ve never had a winner and want a winner this season, get in touch. I said before his last run there is a right time and a wrong time to buy a horse, take a look at his win last week, make your own mind up! That was my 25th winner with horses I’ve bought from Tim or with Tim, so he knows what I like and I know he’s a gent. Incidently ALL the horses I’ve bought from Tim have won – Quiet Times (10 times for us), Up Tempo (8 times for us), Bollin Edward (2 times for us) and Tedstale (4 times for us).

Tim is also looking for races now for the Dubai Destination 2-y-0. One of his owners, who is a grand guy, named him today, so we’ll announce that soon if the registration goes through. I hope the name is lucky for him.

Edwin is hoping to run Fazza at the end of the month in a nice race. We’ve got a few lease shares left in him, but not many. This is a grand little horse. I think he can win again this season. With only a four month lease commitment to make, I’m hoping he can win a nice race and give his lease owners a free summer/autumn.

Talk soon, go easy………..