Focus on Mitchell's Way

Mitchell’s Way, by Needwood Blade out of Ghana, is a bit of a racing enigma. Like many good horses, his breeding doesn’t jump out at you that there is an out and out stayer or even a NH horse on the page. When Alan sent over the horse’s breeding, suggesting we come to see him, the sales page was left in the ‘in tray’ for a few days, it just wasn’t that exciting.

Howe haver when we went to see him, a different story emerged. We saw a horse that would do well to win a bumper, and would improve with time. Physically imposing, strikingly attractive, easy going, everything you want in a chaser.

He wasn’t ever going to be a smash and grab horse, like Fast Shot. Instant reward wasn’t on the page. He’ll take a bit of time, but make no mistake, this is a racehorse. Whatever he does in his first season, he needs to enjoy doing it. He’s one for the long road, novice chasing, handicap chasing, a NH saturday horse. Make no mistake, this fellow will be alright. He won’t we quick enough to beat quick nippy hurdlers and there’s little point in running him on the flat, but if jumping is your game, take a pull, settle in and give this horse a bit of time, and one day you’ll hopefully be rewarded.