Busy Week – New Recruits

It’s been a busy week, with several more recruits secured for the syndicate, which will go on the website shortly. We’re running a launch promotion whereby if you introduce a friend to Ontoawinner, you’ll get 1 month’s training fees free (per 5% stake) from when they buy a share. If they buy 2 shares you get 2 months training fees free and so forth.

We have a few runners this week. Bilko Pak and Mirrored go to Chester with a squeak.  Junior will run at Royal Ascot on Tuesday and Ryan Moore has been booked. Fast Shot will go to Musselburgh Friday and one of the new horses will also run this week. We’ll let you know what that horse is and where it runs once we conclude the purchase.

There may be two younger racehorses, well bred 2-y-0s to go on the site shortly.There will be a stable visit to Ollie Pears on Sunday 26th June at 10am and Tim Easterbys on Sunday 3rd July at 10am. Friends and family are welcome. If you’d like to go, drop us a mail or give us a ring.