An update on our flat horses

Here at OnToAWinner towers, we are really looking forward to what promises to be a great flat season for us. We will have runners up and down the country as the season ticks on and hopefully we will be having winners up and down the country also.

Below is an update on our flat horses :

Fast shot has come on leaps and bounds from last year, he is cantering away now, he will spend the next few weeks doing small pieces of work before stepping up his work. Tim is delighted with him. He is a wonderfully consistent horse and he is sure to progress and have a good season.

Eastern Seel’s back end has grown again and so is having another growth spurt so were not doing a great deal with him yet. He need this growth and its likely that he will be a couple of months before coming back into the main yard at Tim’s

Eutropius is really pleasing Alan Swinbank. He is a horse worth keeping a close eye on for this flat season. Alan is very pleased with the work that he is doing at home, he is turning out to be is very nice. He will run as soon as the new flat season opens. We are looking forward to getting him on the racetrack.

Fazza is working really well at Edwins, His fitness is improving all the time. Edwin is just keeping him ticking over at the moment. He will be ready to run and hopefully win early in the flat season

As with Fazza, Ailsa Craig is in steady work gaining in fitness and does everything being asked of her, Don’t forget you can follow her at @tweetsterhorse on twitter

Sally Friday is in good order. She is working well. She has had a wind operation during the winter and has worked a treat since, she is a very nice horse, Shares are still available, please contact for details

Arch Walker is coming along nicelyat John Weymes. His fitness is improving and is working well. We are hopeful of a good season with Archie. John has learned a lot more about him in the last couple of months. He can run on the all weather and the turf.

If you have any queries about any of our horses , please contact us for more information (

Bring on the flat!!!!